Project Finance


Bank to Corporate

In this instance after full due diligence is carried out on an entity, one of our partnering banks will extend a low interest loan for up to 85% of the project. This will be offered at low interest rates, which will depend on various geographical, political and economics parameters. A lot of our banks prefer that the Project has an Export Credit element to it, so if a large percentage of the equipment for example can be covered by a ECA, this helps greatly.

Bank to Bank

In this instance the loan is issued directly form one of our partnering banks to the bank of the client. The clients bank then assigns the loan to them. In this instance the clients bank is in effect acting as the “guarantor” for the loan, but the loan does not come from their balance sheet. The client benefits from the low interest rates afforded to ECA financing, meaning this loan is likely significantly cheaper than any loan obtained directly from their own bank. In certain circumstances we may be able to finance more than 85% of the project for such a transaction.


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